SMARTee visited the Didacta in Stuttgart on Friday and Saturday. It is the biggest education exhibition in Germany with many thousands visitors. We also met other teachers from Germany and Austria who learn with the Smartboard in their classroom. They were so excited and surprised to meet SMARTee there. One of SMARTee’s highlights at the Didacta was to meet so many monsters from SMART. They all were so friendly and enjoyed the photo session with me.

SMARTEE Birdwatching and trying a sledge in the snow!


I wanted to watch birds, but the birds didn’t want to watch me… First time I have been mistaken for a squirrel. Is it my uniforms? Anyway, it’s important to feed the wild birds in the winter – and it’s really nice too. Some birds move south and some birds stay in Finland.


Well no birds while I was there…. but as soon as I left…

Well, the birds in Finland are as shy as the people…

I think I will go for a ride with my sledge. Jörgen is putting in a small video where you can see me in action! Follow the link below:



Till next time!