About the SMARTee project

In this project are:

Jörgen Holmberg, Sipoo, Finland

Lotta Ramqvist, Örebro, Sweden

Staci Kinsler Gelbaum, Atlanta, GA, USA

Carla Pinho Vieira, South Africa

Brianna Owens, Albuerque, NM, USA

Stefan Schwarz, Potsdam, Germany

We are all SEE:s and use SMART Technology in our education.

alla smartee projekt

Short about our collaboration: We are six teachers from five countries and three continents. We are working within Special education. Our students are spec.ed students 8 – 15 years old.

The teachers and students come from: Sipoo in Finland, Örebro in Sweden, Potsdam in Germany, Johannesburg in South Africa, Albuquerque, NM and Atlanta, GA in the USA.

Our main ideas are:

– We want our students in special education to meet other students who are in the same situation from different places in the World.

– Some of our students find it hard to collaborate with the other students in the same classroom. What about collaborating globally.

– Our Mascot, SMARTee (a small Beaver-doll from Canada) will travel between the different schools and will of course experience different things in the different places.

– Within the project we make an eBook where we present our schools and classes to each other and the world.

– The Global collaboration is within the program SMART Amp. Within the same workspace a group of students can add their own ideas, in the form of texts, sounds, photos, symbols or even films.

3 thoughts on “About the SMARTee project

  1. lottaramqvist Post author

    Thank you for your interest, but at this moment we are keeping this project as it is now. We are very happy to share our ideas on how to collaborate and connect globally, so others can follow if they like. If you have any questions or want to know more please send an e-mail to lotta.ramqvist.iderbring@gmail.com

  2. lottaramqvist Post author

    Hi! My name is Lotta and I’m the admin for this blog. We are glad that you like our project. We haven’t talked about letting more teachers get involved so I need to have a discussion with my group. I will get back to you.
    //Lotta Ramqvist Birgittaskolan in Sweden

  3. shaughn lybrand

    This is so exciting! How would I get involved? I work with high school students who have learning and emotional disabilities. Thank you

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