Cologne Germany – time for an event

Last weekend I was on a trip from Berlin to Cologne in Germany. The flight was just 50 minutes. Then we still had to take the train from the airport to Cologne. In Cologne was an event where 35 teachers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland met each other at the SMART Headquarter from Germany. 
The teachers shared their ideas and experiences with the Smartboard. The other teachers were very fascinated about the development of our project and what we have already done. Some other teachers like the idea of our project and have started similar projects.
One of my highlights was the Monster Game invented by the teacher Jose Luis Castano from Spain. It is a very huge board (2 m x 3 m) where the whole class can play in teams against each other. They have to play several games from the SMART Notebook Software in order to win the board game and answer different prepared questions. It is a combination of a board game and games with the Smartboard.

By the way one or two women fell in love with me 😉

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