Monthly Archives: January 2017

SMARTEE Birdwatching and trying a sledge in the snow!


I wanted to watch birds, but the birds didn’t want to watch me… First time I have been mistaken for a squirrel. Is it my uniforms? Anyway, it’s important to feed the wild birds in the winter – and it’s really nice too. Some birds move south and some birds stay in Finland.


Well no birds while I was there…. but as soon as I left…

Well, the birds in Finland are as shy as the people…

I think I will go for a ride with my sledge. Jörgen is putting in a small video where you can see me in action! Follow the link below:


Till next time!


One whole month in an envelope means that I missed Christmas, Hanukkah AND New Year. But most important: I am FREE and I am BACK in Finland!  I received a medal for being brave during the transport.  

Now I already feel much better… Remember my smile?

But wait… I think I can still find some Christmas. There is snow… and we are in Finland… It can’t be that impossible!