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On the road – Lake District and in Närpes

SMARTee is in the Lake District of Finland. Finland is called the land of the thousand lakes. Well, infact there are more than 185 000 lakes (larger than 500 square metres) in Finland. And it’s so beautiful! IMG_1694



SMARTee thought it would be nice to show everyone all his nice clothes and accessories. To be able to show everything he has his young relatives as assistants!13895186_10208694986523772_5064959030914016554_n



Now SMARTee is in Närpes in Western Finland. This time he has got absolutely no time to go around and admire the environment as he did last year. This year SMARTee has got a new hobby! Can you see what he is doing? SMARTee is a Beaver of his time! 13900372_10208702399709097_1126587277832263915_n