A Box has been delivered from Germany to Finland.

Jörgen and Lotta were so sorry when they didn’t have SMARTee in Canada, so they bought some Beavers. Lotta has got SMARTa and Jörgen has got a group too. The big guy is called SMARTi. He is going to Stefan’s son!


Everybody are really excited! It’s a Postage Package! From Germany! Can it be SMARTee?



Oh.. Nobody can wait for their turn. Everbody wants to be the first one to see! It’s SMARTEE !!!! He has finally arrived!



SMARTee has been around before. It’s no big deal for him to have to be in a Box for a few weeks… “OK boys and girls”, he says, “If you sit peacefully, I will tell you about my adventures. It all started a year ago in a shop in Calgary….”


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