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A Box has been delivered from Germany to Finland.

Jörgen and Lotta were so sorry when they didn’t have SMARTee in Canada, so they bought some Beavers. Lotta has got SMARTa and Jörgen has got a group too. The big guy is called SMARTi. He is going to Stefan’s son!


Everybody are really excited! It’s a Postage Package! From Germany! Can it be SMARTee?



Oh.. Nobody can wait for their turn. Everbody wants to be the first one to see! It’s SMARTEE !!!! He has finally arrived!



SMARTee has been around before. It’s no big deal for him to have to be in a Box for a few weeks… “OK boys and girls”, he says, “If you sit peacefully, I will tell you about my adventures. It all started a year ago in a shop in Calgary….”


SMARTee in Denver

Skrivet den av

On Friday the 24th June Smartee was in Germany for the first time. Just one day later Smartee’s long trip started from Berlin to ISTE in Denver. The distance was more than 8,000 kilometers (more than 5,000 miles). The whole trip was about 16 hours. We were invited to Denver to present our global collaboration project at ISTE in Denver. The ISTE is the largest conference of Educational Technology in the USA. From Sunday the 26th June until Wednesday 29th there were about 16,000 visitors at ISTE in Denver. SMARTee met many different people. They all liked our project and our idea that we work together with SMART Amp, send postcards to each other and have SMARTee our mascot with his own blog. Many teachers from the USA asked if they could join us, because they like our collaboration very much. On Monday and Tuesday there was also an interview about our project. Different persons asked for a picture with SMARTee. He seems to be very famous. 🙂

Denver is a beautiful city with many skyscrapers, new and historic buildings and the Rocky Mountains in a short distance.

SMARTee likes American Football, Minecraft, meet other people and eat. Here is the link for the video of SMARTee’s trip to ISTE 2016 in Denver.