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Time to say Goodbye Sipoo and Goodbye Finland.

It’s time to leave Sipoo and Finland. Thank you for a great time and a nice autumn. I hope I can see some snow next time I come.

Jörgen told me I am travelling with First class, but he didn’t tell me it was First Class Post…

Well, I will not be alone. I have some small gifts with me for my new friends.

I am going to Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. My new hostess, Brianna has already promised that I will be in for a great time ! Can’t wait !



Autumn adventure



Autumn has now arrived to Finland. The leaves on the trees are getting beautiful. Look at this Maple Tree. Nice colours, eh. Do you know why the leaves change colours before they fall? It has to do with the trees saving energy during wintertime.WP_20150918_15_19_19_Pro

Whoooa, look! A squirrel. HEY, come here and play with me ! No, he was busy gathering food for the winter,



Well this is what it looks like right now here in Sipoo, Southern Finland in Mid September. The trees with leaves are slowly changing colours. In the winter all the leaves are gone – but it looks magical ! In Finland there are four different seasons ! That’s kind of great, because then you can never be bored, right?WP_20150918_15_21_58_Pro



I think it’s time to say Goodbye to Finland and the Finnish nature. I will now travel to a new place ! I believe it will be New Mexico, USA !


Global Collaboration Day 17th September 2015

This was an exciting day ! We watched our friends from Sweden and the USA greeting us. We had also made a video for them ! We thought the German School was very nice ! Now the students are working on a presentation about themselves that they will put on SMART Amp. WP_20150917_12_09_08_Pro

It’s a little tricky to use the keyboard…WP_20150917_12_10_40_Pro

OK, let me just check your spelling !


Hey, tell me if you need my help, eh !WP_20150917_12_11_00_Pro

Wow, that was a nice video you had there, Alfred ! Let’s put it into our work !