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A Finnish tradition !

Well, today I had some Finnish traditions. We ate Carelian Pasties, with margarine, mixed upp with egg and Aromat salt. Very good, especially with a glass of milk. I still think the Finnish Sweets were better. Do you recognize all the different sorts? The black sweet is made of salty licorice.

Here are some pictures when I was in Närpes/Narpio Finland


Welcome to Närpes. These small houses in front of the church were for the horses… in the old days. There are more than 150 small stable houses around the church


Every year the roof has to be remade on a few of the small stable-hoses. Can you see what the roof is made of? Wooden plates. Old traditions are still in use here.


The church in the background is old… It was build in 1433. When was it that Columbus traveled to America?


My friend Jörgen told me that he got married in this church. To bad it was closed today. Nice church, eh? Can you see me?


Finland was also in World War II. In all cemeteries there are special graves for the soldiers that were killed during the wars. Imagine that most of them were only about 20 year old….


Close to the church is a place with really old buildings. It’s like a museum – outdoors. Can you find me in this old farm building?


HELLO !!! I am at the outdoor theater. You know, this stand can turn around. Great ! (I am at seat 39)


This is also part of the Theater. What an old locomotiv.


 Hey Lady… You are not suppose to be here ! Aren’t you from the USA?


Närpes is known for its greenhouses. They produce lot’s of tomatoes and cucumbers here. In winter when it’s dark the greenhouses spread their light. It’s really flat in this region, no Rocky Mountains.

Now we are in a village called Nämpnäs. You can see the sea over there. Those small houses was for the fishermen’s boats in the old days. Beautiful !


This photo is from the sea. I will not swim. It’s quite cold… and wet. Schhhh… If you look really carefully you can see two swans far away on the other side… Well time to get back. See you next time !





Banff national park

When we were in Canada, I got to go on a trip to Banff National Park. There it was incredibly beautiful even though it rained in the morning.

Here I am at Lake Louise. Jörgen (The teacher from Finland) takes care of me.


Wow! Look at that castle! In the background you can see The Fairmont Banff Springs. It is a big hotel.

  castle 2

I have a mission!!!

These are my new friends. They are teachers. How lucky I am that found them! I’ll get to travel to their schools and meet their students. It will be fun!

All my new teacher friends are using Smart Boards in their classrooms. I have learned that a SMARTBoard is an interactive whiteboard. The teachers met in Calgary to participate in the SMART SEE Summit. It was then that they came up with the idea to buy me and let me be a part of their global collaboration.

They named me SMARTee!